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SaveX Diesel fuel saving Device, Automobile

SaveX Fuel Saver has been tested in over 400 private vehicles with a result of over 20% positive fuel reduction. It is verified and supported that the device will save of up to 20% savings on Diesel vehicle. SaveX Fuel Saving Device can be fitted into all kinds of vehicle with no need to modify the vehicle and will not affect the vehicle warranty. Moreover, it can last for more than 10 years
SaveX Fuel Saver applies molecule technology to break the van der waals force between the gasoline molecules and change the aggregation of molecules from larger molecule cluster to smaller ones or even single molecule. Molecule technology is a physical reaction and does not content any chemicals or catalysts. It can reduce the fuel consumption and emissions, increase the horsepower and torque, and help the engine run smoother. According to research and testing studies, the surface tension of the treated fuel was decreased; causing the smaller droplets, exposing larger surface area in the air, contact with oxygen for better combustion reaction, and hence, better fuel efficiency