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SaveX Diesel Generator fuel saving device

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Generator sets are a common sight and likely to remain that way for some time to come in most parts of the world because of electricity shortages. Of course, buying a generator set is one thing. Making sure it has a long and productive life with
decent running costs is another

Consideration of lifetime costs is often swept away in the buying process. When it is going to be relied upon or used more regularly, lifetime cost and efficiency really need to be weighed up

Using SAVEX can translate into big fuel savings if you are running your generator set regularly, we calculate that running a 25KVA generator at 75 per cent load for 4,000 hours per year, Savex device can save you up to US$9,000 per unit over 2 years versus a typical generator without Savex fuel saving device


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Savex diesel generator fuel saving device

Savex Fuel Saver is a new revolutionary concept in fuel economy and pollution reduction can be fitted to any generators

It is particularly effective on large diesel power generators and as these often run at a constant engine regime; significant savings in fuel can be made. Pollution reduction is also an important factor as static installations quickly cause a high local build up of fine air borne particles

We don’t believe in making exaggerated claims of efficiency, but a generally reported figure for most generators is a 25% improvement in fuel economy. It has been tested for over 5 years with a result of up to 25% positive fuel reduction. We double-checked our results by sending our patented fuel saver to several professional testing companies and universities, all of whom verified and supported our research and development data of 25% savings on Diesel generators
The Savex device simply saves fuel and reduces emissions

Technology behind Savex

Fuel is passed through the Savex patented combination of metallic and magnetic elements resulting in more surface area of the fuel molecules being exposed to oxygen at the point of combustion. “Aromatics” are formed creating hydrogen gas which works with the oxygen at the point of combustion. Separating the fuel molecules allows oxygen and H2 to better surround the dispersed molecules creating a more complete burn, leaving less to be expelled out the exhaust as wasted horsepower and pollution

How It Works
The short answer – it helps to raise the vapor pressure of fuel, and provides a cleaner burn. It is not heat dependent and no chemical material added

The Savex Fuel Saving Device applies world leading ‘Molecule Enhancing Technology’ to your generator. The patented technology employed by the Savex is explained by Faraday’s Law, which states broadly that electromotive forces are generated when conductive materials are passed between poles of magnets, thus causing polar alignment of the molecules, making it more unstable. In the case of hydrocarbon chains (fuels), the alignment and the instability makes it more acceptable to oxygen, which produces a more effective burn

Magnetic fuel treatment has been used for the past 50 years with negligible results. The Savex patented approach addresses this issue through proprietary alignment, focus, and concentration of the magnetic field.Hence, the intermolecular force is broken, resulting in the change of aggregation of fuel molecules from cluster to single molecule and lead to the changes of several properties of the fuel, such as surface tension and flash point. The smaller droplets of fuel (nano-granule fuel) ejected at the nozzle expose a larger surface area in the air, contact with oxygen for the better combustion reaction. A more complete burn is achieved and fewer of the fuel molecules are wasted and turned into the exhaust. The result is significant measurable fuel savings, lower emissions, less maintenance and can be used on any diesel engine

Savex Fuel Saving Devices can be fitted into all kinds of generators with no need to modify the generator and will not affect the generator warranty

Benefits of Savex

Reformulates the fuel resulting in a more complete burn and extracting more energy/gallon
Reduces engine and generator fuel consumption by 25%
Significantly reduces emissions keeping your surroundings clean
Causes your generator to run more smoothly
Easy to install and maintenance free

World’s leading Nano fuel enhancing technology! No chemicals included! No side effect

Installation will not affect your engine or generator warranty. The product is warranted to save fuel for 8400 operating hours


 There is no negative effect on the operation of the engine or vehicle due to the installation of the Savex Fuel Saving device. Apart from the positive results of decreased pollution and decreased fuel consumption, it will run exactly as before installation. Savex will never be a problem with an engine because of the Fuel Saving device. The unit is all solid metal and will not burn. The Savex Fuel Saving device cannot cause an engine failure


The Savex Fuel Saving device requires no ongoing maintenance. There are no moving parts and nothing that will wear out


Savex Device is powder coated aluminum, from 18 to 30+ Centimeter long, and from 8 to 10+ centimeters in diameter. Patented internal components made primarily of copper and natural resources. The unit is installed inline between the fuel filter and the diesel pump engine, though it can also be placed anywhere between the fuel tank and the engine, as long as the suction of diesel to the generator is hooked to the OUT section of the device, and the fuel supply from tank to the INN section

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