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Savex Three Phase Energy Power Saver

The simple fit and forget energy saving solution to reduce your electrical energy consumption by up to 30%
Automatic industry Power Saver with RTOS Microchip Control, Real Time Monitor
Function: Improve Power factor / harmonic filter / eliminates emf / transient surge protector
Use the power saver can reduce up to 30% of your electricity consumption every month

The Commercial Power Optimizer can save your business thousands on your electricity expense years to come. Start enjoying energy saving today

The Power Saver Optimizer is designed to lower your electricity bill, increase the life of your appliances and motors by helping them run more efficiently, and it also protects your business air conditioner, refrigerator washer, dryer, and any inductive load and protects your business from power surges.
– Made in Turkey
– Installation instructions with wiring diagram
– Liquid -tite conduct and connector, which installation is easy and up to NEC safety code.
– 3 Year Written Warranty against workmanship and product defects to ensure long product life and maximum savings.

Can Save You up to 30% on your electricity expense

Can Save You up to 30% on your electricity expense
– Three-phase energy saver/Power saver
– Work Status: Suitable for industry, commercial area or the place with three phase cable
– Voltage: 100V-400V AC
– Frequency: 50/60Hz
– Load: 0-45KW
– Suitable temperature range: -50~+60
– Method of Power compensation: Automatic

Main functions

– Save electricity
– 100% safe. Environment friendly
– Improves power factor of appliances
– Stabilizes voltage
– Eliminates overheating of wiring and appliances
– Harmonizes electrical current, reduces