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Petrosavex Energy Engineering

We aim for the future by thinking long-term,
consistently seeking harmony between 

our business goals and sustainable outcomes for humanity​

About Us

Petrosavex Energy , is an environmentally friendly energy saving company.
What makes us so inventive is how we look and understand Nature and it’s energy.

Our Company

Petrosavex Energy is Turkish based Company with offices in Istanbul .

We aim for the future by thinking long-term, consistently seeking harmony between our business
goals and sustainable outcomes for humanity. Save-X constantly figures out innovative ways to
save energy and the environment. We aim to be a notable contributor in renewable energy technologies,
energy efficiency, and conservation .

Petrosavex Energy’s products range from our Hybrid generator to our saveX innovation of a fuel saving
device to the Diesel running generators which is patent in Germany and reduces fuel consumption
by an average of 20% to 30% for a standard big generator .

 Our Products

SaveX Diesel Generator fuel saving device

Generator sets are a common sight and likely to remain that way for some time to come in most parts of the world because of electricity shortages. Of course, buying a generator set is one thing. Making sure it has a long 

saveX Home

The Smart Power Factor Controller understands power consumption and sets the capacitance saving level. It’s energy consumption monitor allows energy use to be optimized in real time. This unit has been designed for load fluctuations and maximizes in-phase energy 

Savex Three Phase Energy Power Saver

Automatic industry Power Saver with RTOS Microchip Control, Real Time Monitor Function: Improve Power factor -harmonic filter – eliminates emf -transient surge protector Use the power saver can reduce up to 30% 

Solar Pannels – Resedintial

Our mini solar power stations are
pre-wired in our factory, with full testing done on key components to ensure everything is functional and ready to go. Installation on-site is simple – just connect the battery bank and solar

Savex Diesel Fuel Saving Automobile

Savex Fuel Saver has been tested in over 400 private vehicles with a result of over 20% positive fuel reduction.

Support Consulting

Our technical team works with high standards and dignity to serve your energy savings needs

We Bring The Savings Home

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